Stop landmines destroying lives like Amin’s

Nowhere is safe. Not even home.

Amin and his family were among the thousands of Yazidis in Iraq who had to flee their homes for Sinjar mountain. But even after the conflict, they still weren't safe. 

Soon after they had fled, Amin found something close to the tents where his family had sought refuge. As he picked it up, it blew up, ripping off his hand, and shattering his legs with shrapnel. With no access to medical treatment his broken bones will never properly heal. He's in constant pain. And will be every day, for the rest of his life.

In the villages around Mosul, rows upon rows of improvised mines have been left behind. In the remains of houses. In fields. Even in schools. 

It's families like Amin's who can't go home because familiar streets have now become dangerous death traps. 

Each landmine is sensitive enough to be triggered by a child's footstep, but powerful enough to rip apart a car. We have to find them first. 

Nineteen people are killed or injured every day by landmines or unexploded bombs. Over half of civilian casualties are children. Your donation will help clear landmines in Iraq and all around the world.

You can stand up for the right to a life lived, free of fear.