This year should have been the 10th MAG Golf Day, however, as you know, the event won’t be able to go ahead due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Over the last decade your incredible fundraising efforts have helped to raise over £80,000 for MAG and, now more than ever, we want to keep raising vital funds so that women, girls, boys and men can live free from fear around the world.

People living in conflict affected countries still need your help. Countries like Iraq which, due to decades of conflict, was already in the top three most contaminated countries in the world before ISIS was formed. ISIS left behind huge numbers of improvised mines and unexploded bombs – in people’s houses, on their land, in school playgrounds, in the rubble of destroyed buildings and along roads. Mines were created out of household objects, including cooking pots, toys, and lengths of pipe.

The viciousness of the devices planted across Iraq is unimaginable. They are sensitive enough to be triggered by a child’s footstep, but powerful enough to disable a tank.

Even now there isn’t a single week without an explosion.

The work of our incredible teams has been paused in most places in Iraq since mid-March due to this global pandemic but they are doing all they can to deliver risk education to families who are returning home and who desperately need our help.

These teams include Hana, 29, who has worked for MAG for almost four years and leads a dedicated and highly-skilled team of staff working to clear mines. Her team’s work and the impact ISIS had on their lives and the wider Yazidi community was recently documented in the film Into The Fire which you can see at the link below.

Our teams are desperate to get back to work whenever and wherever they can. We really hope that you will consider a gift in lieu of the Golf Day and we hope to be back, bigger and better, next year.