Tax-Free Payroll Giving

Regular donations, no matter what size, allow MAG to plan ahead and also respond to emergencies where we are needed most. Your donation is tax-free. Ask your payroll department if they operate a payroll giving scheme.

How payroll giving works

Each time you are paid, your donation is deducted by your payroll department before tax is calculated. By giving directly from your pre-tax salary, the money that would normally go to the tax man goes to MAG instead.

For instance, if you are a basic rate taxpayer:

  • If you pledge £5.00
  • You pay only £4.00
  • The tax man will pledge £1.00 – at no extra cost to you!

And if you are a higher rate taxpayer then it will cost you even less to donate £5 to MAG.

In addition, some employers offer 'matched giving' schemes where they match or double your gift at no extra cost to you – this means even more money for MAG. Speak to your employer about the matched giving scheme, and if they aren't signed up, encourage them to!

To donate through your wages complete the Giving Online Form via Payroll Giving in Action.

Alternatively speak to your payroll department who will advise you on what service they offer, or visit

Donations from the public are used to reach communities most in need and enable us to respond quickly to emergency situations – that's why we need them the most.

Eighty-seven per cent of MAG's income is spent directly on clearance programmes. You can be confident that when you donate to MAG we will use your money as efficiently as possible.

Thank you!

Boy with MRE leaflet in Iraq

Ten-year-old Emir attended a MAG risk education session in northern Iraq. A few days earlier, he had been playing with deadly explosive items. “I will never touch UXO again and if I see any I will tell my father to call MAG”, he said.

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG