Bombs and missiles are being used in towns and cities in Ukraine right now.

In recent years, wars have increasingly been fought in populated areas like towns and cities, and when explosive weapons are used in these areas, the toll is highest among civilians. Ukraine is now one of these countries.

It is essential civilians know how to keep themselves safe.

MAG has partnered with the Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) to provide risk education work and is on the ground in Ukraine right now delivering vital risk education sessions to returning communities, offering both in-person and online sessions so we can reach as many people as possible.

When clearance is not immediately possible, our life-saving risk education sessions will help ordinary women, girls, boys and men to understand the risks around them and how to keep themselves safe. 

£30 could help buy vital risk education materials. Your gift of £30 could help buy vital risk education materials.

£40 could fund a fully trained deminer for one day. Your gift of £40 could help fund a community risk education session.

“I have seen the impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. Communities already deeply afflicted by war remain terrified of its dangerous and lasting legacy.”

Sean Sutton, MAG Photojournalist and International Communications Manager, Speaking on Ukraine, 2022