When explosive weapons are used in populated areas, 9 in 10 people killed or injured are civilians. Children are affected more than most. 

Each year, thousands of women, girls, boys, and men – ordinary people – are killed, injured or traumatised when explosive weapons are used in the places where they live, work and go to school.  

In recent years, wars have increasingly been fought in populated areas like towns and cities, and when explosive weapons are used in populated areas, the toll is highest among civilians

Schools, houses, playgrounds, and hospitals are destroyed when explosive weapons are used in areas where people live. Children are killed or left without parents. Families are torn apart, and people are forced to flee their homes.

Help us get to explosives before another life is taken. Before another civilian is blinded or maimed. Before another child is left with permanent psychological scars from fear or from grief.

£15 could help buy vital risk education materials. You could help prevent more civilian lives from being lost to lethal explosive weapons.

£40 could fund a fully trained deminer for one day. You could help families know how to stay safe from the unexploded weapons that surround them.

“I have seen the impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. Communities already deeply afflicted by war remain terrified of its dangerous and lasting legacy.”

Sean Sutton, MAG Photojournalist and International Communications Manager, Speaking on Ukraine, 2022