Emmanuel Joseph was out herding his goats when he found something on the ground. It was roundish and metallic, and Emmanuel knew just what to do. 

Emmanuel, who is 12 years old, lives in the village of Rokon, South Sudan. We have been working in South Sudan for several years, clearing mines and delivering life-saving lessons. 

Emmanuel had attended these lessons, so when he found a bomb, he knew what to do: when he saw a MAG vehicle, he flagged it down to tell the crew about the explosive he had found. 

Deminers came and safely removed the item. Risk education is a vital part of our approach to keeping people safe. It gives people the life-saving knowledge they need to keep themselves safe. 

Your support means that Emmanuel is free to get back to playing with his brother Ali, age 10, doing well in maths and hanging out with his favourite goat, Mugga.