For families living in daily fear of landmines and unexploded bombs, risk education is a matter of life and death.

Every day, 15 people are killed or injured by landmines and unexploded bombs. These indiscriminate weapons devastate lives in more than a quarter of all countries in the world. And over half of all civilian casualties are children.

Risk education sessions provide affected communities with potentially life-saving information on how to recognise, avoid and report threatsinformation that is especially vital for children and returning communities. 

Over recent years, and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been trialling innovative ways to reach communities online when in-person activities aren't an option. Using digital channels means life-saving messages can still be shared, and as many people as possible can access information to keep them and their families safe.

When you live surrounded by explosive ordnance, it is never safe. But we know that we can save lives by providing people with accessible information.

Please support us to develop and deliver life-saving lessons across the world today.