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Laos 11th October 2013

Video: Education for life

Laos is, per capita, the most bombed county on earth. Explosive weapons - a legacy of the Vietnam War - still threaten civilians in every province. Children are often most at risk.

Iraq 2nd October 2013

Keeping fleeing Syrians safe from mines and UXO

As thousands of Syrians flock into potentially landmine-riddled areas of northern Iraq, MAG is helping to keep them safe.

Libya 30th September 2013

Clearing the Misrata War Museum

Misrata War Museum's thousands of visitors had no idea that some of the ammunition was still 'live' and contained explosives.

Vietnam 25th September 2013

The everyday heroes of Vietnam

The commitment of the Vietnamese people to eradicating the problems of explosive weapons is personified by father and son deminers Thang Tran Xuan and Hung Tran Viet, who are working to remove the threat in two of the country's most affected provinces.

United Kingdom 19th September 2013

A volunteer's view

My name is Fran and I recently spent a day volunteering at MAG HQ. I found out about MAG whilst doing research on the effect of landmines and discarded bombs from the Vietnam War.

Iraq 3rd September 2013

Helping my people in northern Iraq

My name's Zana Kaka and I'm Deputy Programme Officer for MAG in Iraq. I grew up in a small town called Ainkawa within the northern Iraq governorate of Erbil.

Laos 1st August 2013

UK support helps thousands in fear and poverty

New findings show the impact of cluster munitions and the work to clear them in one of the world's worst affected countries.

Iraq 19th July 2013

Villagers live without fear after 1,000 deadly items are removed

"Because of MAG's clearance activities, our village has enough land to farm and use for grazing," said Mr Asad.

Angola 10th July 2013

A village free of landmines

MAG cleared 137,715 square metres of land in Luzi village. A market, school, health centre and housing have all now been built, and the land is also being used for farming.

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