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Iraq 19th December 2013

Forty-four cleared minefields returned to communities in northern Iraq

More than 53,000 people are now able to live without fear of landmines in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Libya 13th December 2013

Massive demolitions of ammunition in Libya

MAG destroyed 25 tonnes of ammunition in Libya yesterday, in a controlled explosion outside Misrata.

Cambodia 6th December 2013

A victory for mine awareness at the Angkor Wat Half Marathon

A MAG team of 31 took part at the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, held to raise awareness on the issue of landmines and unexploded ordnance contamination in Cambodia.

Cambodia 4th December 2013

Removing bombs from a beauty spot in Cambodia

See how the biggest tourist destination in Cambodia's Ratanakiri province was made safer for local inhabitants and visitors.

Somalia 29th November 2013

The storefronts of Puntland

A colourful look at the city of Garowe, administrative capital of the Puntland State of Somalia, where due to low literacy rates images on shop walls show what's for sale.

Congo (Democratic Republic) 20th November 2013

Universal Children's Day

"We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children..."

Lebanon 6th November 2013

Video: Layla, bomb searcher, Lebanon

Layla is 23 years old and lives in Sur in south Lebanon with her parents. She loves drawing, music and fashion design.

Somalia 5th November 2013

Somalia 2013 photo gallery

Almost every family owns a gun in Kalabyr. This has led to tragedies involving children. See how MAG is helping to create gun-safe villages, here and elsewhere in Somalia.

South Sudan 17th October 2013

Walking without fear from landmines

"When we came back after the fighting ended, we were worried about mines, but we didn't know which areas were dangerous," says Alfredo, community leader in Kimodonge village.

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