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14th January 2014

Infographic: How your support will help in 2014

1.5 billion people live in countries affected by armed violence, conflict and instability. Together, we can help them. See what we can achieve this year.

Lebanon 13th January 2014

Zawtar East village, Lebanon

"I looked at the field at the back of our house. I could see metal shapes in every direction. They were everywhere - small bombs with ribbons on them."

Iraq 9th January 2014

Supporting Syrian refugees in northern Iraq

MAG cleared 15 hectares of land in northern Iraq, removing and destroying 1,150 dangerous items, to enable a camp for Syrian refugees to be built.

Mali 9th January 2014

Risk education in Mali

From August to November 2013, MAG delivered 391 risk education sessions in Mali. This is one of them.

Vietnam 8th January 2014

Big bomb discovered in Quang Binh

"Working in a mainly office-based role means that I don't often witness first-hand the lifesaving work MAG does, but when I do I get to see things like this..."

20th December 2013

Infographic: MAG in 2013

MAG destroyed more than 230,000 deadly items worldwide in 2013. Find out more...

Libya 20th December 2013

Emergency Risk Education after Tripoli clashes

In the aftermath of recent armed clashes in Tripoli, MAG helped communities protect themselves from explosive weapons.

Iraq 19th December 2013

Forty-four cleared minefields returned to communities in northern Iraq

More than 53,000 people are now able to live without fear of landmines in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Libya 13th December 2013

Massive demolitions of ammunition in Libya

MAG destroyed 25 tonnes of ammunition in Libya yesterday, in a controlled explosion outside Misrata.

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