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Sri Lanka 27th January 2014

Humanitarian demining in northern Sri Lanka

The Government of Japan today signed a new contract with MAG to fund landmine clearance in northern Sri Lanka.

Cambodia 24th January 2014

Photo report: Wildlife in the Cambodian minefields

Photography plays a big role in helping MAG Cambodia deminer Shathel Fahs to relax after a demanding day's work.

Philippines 24th January 2014

Tacloban city after Typhoon Haiyan

Although a lot has been achieved in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, there remains a lot to be done before life can be considered at all 'normal'.

Laos 22nd January 2014

How to make a 750lb bomb safe

A three-stage process was required in order to render this bomb safe in Khammouane Province.

Sri Lanka 21st January 2014

Prabahini's story

This photo was exhibited at the 'Picturing Progress' exhibition at the 6th South Asia Economic Summit.

Laos 20th January 2014

Cluster bombs in Laos

Look closely at this photo from Xieng Khouang province, and you'll see that the houses have been built on cluster bombs.

Congo (Democratic Republic) 17th January 2014

Lives saved as unexploded ordnance is removed in DRC

The people of Munekelwa are looking forward to a safer, more prosperous future thanks to a project to clear their village of explosive weapons.

Philippines 17th January 2014

Life after Typhoon Haiyan

People in the city of Tacloban are incredibly resilient and are rebuilding their lives out of the ruins.

Cambodia 16th January 2014

Safe from landmines

These children in Cambodia's Battambang Province can now go to school and play without fear from explosive weapons.

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