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Mali 20th October 2015

Securing Weapons and Ammunition in Mali

The uncontrolled flow of weapons can fuel armed violence that results in thousands of deaths and injuries, significant population displacement and increased political tension.

Sri Lanka 13th October 2015

A Future Free From Fear in Sri Lanka

With international support, Sri Lanka can be free from the impact of landmines by 2020.

9th October 2015

IMPACT newsletter, Autumn 2015

This issue of Impact looks at Angola and Sri Lanka, where we need to do more so that people can live their lives free from fear.

Mali 2nd October 2015

Improving Safety and Security in Mali

MEDIA RELEASE: 17 secured armouries in Ségou and Sikasso have been officially handed over to the Mali authorities.

Laos 8th September 2015

LAOS VIDEO: Freedom From Fear

This documentary focuses on the work of one of MAG's all-female bomb clearance teams ridding Laos of deadly cluster munitions.

4th September 2015

Insight issue 1: Progress Through Partnership

Sharing innovation, impact and learning, this first edition of Insight focuses on cluster bombs in South East Asia.

Cambodia 24th July 2015

VIDEO: To Live Without Fear

This film is from Koh Sam Rong village in Battambang province, near Cambodia's western border with Thailand, where subsistence farmer Mrs Maneurm and her family live.

Sri Lanka 25th June 2015

Photo Gallery: Post-War Sri Lanka

By making land safe, MAG is helping people to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and futures following the civil war.

Congo (Democratic Republic) 19th June 2015

Weapons Destruction Challenges In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Dennis Hadrick from the US Department of State's Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement reports from the DRC on the partnerships helping to increase civilian security and reduce fear.

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