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Myanmar 4th November 2014

Landmines and Community Safety in Myanmar

Many people in Kayah state are unaware of the scale of the landmine problem and the risks they take on a daily basis.

Iraq 21st October 2014

Fleeing The Violence: Internally Displaced People In Northern Iraq

Hear from some of the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Islamic State attacks.

Iraq 16th October 2014

Video: Living In Danger - Iraq's Cluster Bomb Legacy

This short film highlights the deadly legacy of cluster bomb use in Iraq and the ongoing threat faced by civilians.

Iraq 10th October 2014

The Families At Risk From Iraq's Legacy Of Conflict - report & photo gallery

Hundreds of thousands of people who've fled to northern Iraq to escape the ongoing violence elsewhere in the country are at risk from landmines and other explosive weapons.

2nd October 2014

10 Landmine Photos That Will Make You Smile

A collection of images celebrating World Smile Day on 3 October.

Iraq 1st October 2014

Help make it safe for Syria's refugees

Will you donate £30 to MAG today? Your gift could clear mines and other deadly devices, making it safe for people desperately seeking refuge.

Iraq 26th September 2014

'I Knew There Were Landmines There, But I Had To Get My Sheep Back'

MAG helps people like Khurshid, pictured here taking a break from working on land that was until recently a minefield.

Iraq 18th September 2014

Meet Landmine Accident Survivor Mobhij

Mobhij Behnam is currently sheltering with his family - and more than 4,500 other Christian families who've fled brutal Islamic State attacks in the Mosul area - in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

10th September 2014

Infographic: 25 Years of MAG

More than 400,000 landmines and cluster munitions destroyed, 100,000-plus safety sessions... see what MAG has achieved since 1989.

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