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Our impact

10th September 2014

Infographic: 25 Years of MAG

More than 400,000 landmines and cluster munitions destroyed, 100,000-plus safety sessions... see what MAG has achieved since 1989.

4th September 2014

20 Questions, with MAG's Chief Executive

MAG's Chief Executive Nick Roseveare answers some of the most commonly asked and thought-provoking questions about MAG and the issues related to our work.

Mali 15th August 2014

Humanitarian Heroes

World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, honours those who died in the service of humanitarianism, and celebrates the spirit that inspires humanitarian action around the globe.

Lebanon 1st August 2014

Cluster bomb clearance brings hope in Lebanon

On the fourth anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, MAG calls on more international support to help Lebanon clear its remaining cluster munitions.

Vietnam 7th August 2014

See 1,000 Cluster Bomb Submunitions Destroyed

The Vietnam War ended in 1975, but explosive weapons dropped on the country continue to devastate lives to this day.

Congo (Democratic Republic) 25th July 2014

Japan Government Official Visits MAG in the DRC

MAG has hosted a visit from the Japanese Government to see first-hand the impact that Japan's funding brings to conflict-hit communities.

Laos 15th July 2014

How to Destroy a 100-lb White Phosphorus Bomb

Removing deadly explosive items like this is what MAG does in conflict-affected communities around the world every day.

Iraq 25th June 2014

Making it safe for people fleeing violence in Iraq

MAG is delivering urgent safety messages to help protect those fleeing Mosul from the dangers of landmines and other explosive weapons.

Vietnam 19th June 2014

'Our lives can be normal for the first time in a generation', say villagers in Vietnam

Tan An is typical of many villages in central Vietnam, where the explosive legacy of war continues to devastate lives.

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