• Iraq's Cluster Bomb Legacy

    Commissioned by the Cluster Munition Coalition, this video highlights the ongoing danger faced by civilians in Iraq, including Syrian refugees, from unexploded cluster munitions. (Date: 2014. Length: 7m)

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  • Yalini and Rajeepan's Story

    Thanks to MAG and our donors, Yalini and Rajeepan - and millions like them - can now rebuild their lives and livelihoods, free from danger and fear. (Date: 2016. Length: 1:50min)
  • Freedom From Fear

    This documentary focuses on the work of "MAT 10" (Mine Action Team 10), one of MAG's all-female bomb clearance teams ridding Laos of deadly cluster munitions. (Date: 2015. Length: 12:41min)
  • Ammunition Demolition in DRC

    3.4 US tons of ammunition, including 122mm high explosive projectiles and 40mm rifle grenades, is destroyed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These kind of safe demolitions happen weekly in the DRC and help to prevent (1) the irresponsible and illegal ammunition trade, and (2) ammunition depot explosions, so that people can live safely. (Date: 2015. Length: 9secs)