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28 February 2017: MAG 'outraged’ as civilian death toll mounts from new landmine emergency in Iraq [PDF]


 25 February 2017: The Daily Telegraph: The British Charity Clearing Up Landmines in Iraq

 25 February 2017: Radio 4: From Our Own Correspondent 

14 January 2017: MAG Chief Executive Jane Cocking talks to BBC World Service's "The History Hour"

December 2016: NBC News


 November 2016: CNN News report from Iraq – ''The people came home and it had been booby trapped"  



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28 February 2017: MAG 'outraged’ as civilian death toll mounts from new landmine emergency in Iraq [PDF]

15 January 2017: New Landmine Emergency Threatens Communities in Iraq and Syria [PDF]

6 September 2016: MAG Welcomes Doubled US Funding for Bomb Clearance in Laos 

26 August 2016: US-German Partnership Improves Weapons Security In Chad [PDF]

18 July 2016: New Ammunition Storage Depot Protects Civilians In Kongo Central

13 July 2016: MAG Begins Arms Destruction In Nigeria

1 July 2016: Improving Stability and Security in Burkina Faso 

23 June 2016: MAG Joins Start Network

16 May 2016: MAG Clears Two Deadly Minefields In Angola's Poorest Province [PDF]

29 April 2016: Government of Canada's support to UXO-affected communities in Vietnam [INFOGRAPHIC]

17 December 2015: Canada Supports Sri Lanka's Peace-Building Efforts

16 November 2015: MAG destroys 824 anti-vehicle mines in Chad [PDF]

3 November 2015: Improving Stability and Security in Chad: Official Handover of MAG’s First Secured Armoury in N’Djamena [PDF]

2 October 2015: Improving safety and security in Mali: 17 Secured armouries in Ségou and Sikasso officially handed over to the authorities [PDF]

14 May 2015: New ammunition storage depot protects civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo [PDF]

6 April 2015: Canada Continues Support To Make Sri Lanka 'Landmine-Free'

18 March 2015: US Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement visits MAG DRC Programme [PDF]

16 March 2015: MAG Hands Over Road in South-Eastern DRC [PDF]

13 March 2015: MAG signs new contract with Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka [PDF]


 International Day of Mine Awareness, 4th April 2016


MAG works in current and former conflict zones, to reduce the threat of death and injury from remnants of conflict. These include anti-personnel and anti-vehicle landmines, as well as rockets, missiles, mortars, grenades, ammunition, small arms and light weapons, and many more types of deadly items.

So we don’t just carry out plain landmine or bomb clearance – some of our projects aren’t even about landmines. We can provide spokespeople on a wide range of topics.

To arrange an interview please contact MAG here or phone +44 (0)161 236 4311.


Award-winning photographer Sean Sutton has been working with MAG for more than 15 years and had amassed an archive of awe-inspiring images of communities affected by conflict. We can make these photographs available to media outlets on request.

Please consult the Photos section of this website and send us your request.



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