Imagine having to walk miles out of your way just to ensure that your family are fed and you are safe. That's the scenario for families in Angola, who still live alongside landmines and fear for their lives daily.
There is something you can do to help. Double your steps. Double your sponsorship.
We all know it’s recommended that we walk 10,000 steps a day. In the spirit of MAG's UK Aid Match Appeal, our Walk Without Fear Challenge invites you to go twice the distance and walk 20,000 steps a day for five days. Pick any week before Christmas, and challenge your colleagues, friends and family to compete against you, and raise money to help communities in Angola. 
Even better, the UK Government will double any amount that you raise before Christmas, ensuring every pound you donate will have twice the impact for families in Angola.


1. Choose five days before Christmas and challenge your colleagues, friends and family to take part and
 see who can walk the most steps!
2. Download your wall calendar and leaderboard, and access tips and tricks for hitting your 20,000 steps in the panel opposite.
3. Set up your JustGiving page at
4. It's easy to record your steps, use either a smartphone or a pedometer.
5. Get walking!
Contact us on 0161 236 4311 or email if you'd like to take part! We look forward to hearing from you.