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Get involved

Music Beats Mines

"Responsible, cool and incredibly sexy" (© Guy Garvey), Music Beats Mines is an ongoing series of events to raise funds for landmine clearance in some of the world's poorest communities.

Organise a gig, club night, quiz, buskathon, or whatever else you can think of! It can be big or small, from spoken word to classical to thrash metal, and anything in between.

Music Beats Mines auction 2013

Bid for this signed Eblow guitar online

Our annual online auction of signed musical memorabilia raised an incredible £2610! The signed Elbow guitar above raised £1650 alone! A huge thanks to all the artists who donated and everyone who placed a bid!

Organise an event 

Music Beats Mines events are your call. You decide what to put on, where to hold it and how to arrange it. 

You don't have to be an events expert to get involved. In fact, MBM is a great way to get experience in events organising – and there's no minimum amount you'll be expected to raise (though obviously the more the better!)

We’ll provide you with materials, inspiration and support. Download the Music Beats Mines fundraising kit for useful tips and advice. Call Ingrid for a chat on 0161 238 5437, or email

No matter how small or ambitious you choose to be, all money raised will go a long way towards helping a conflict-affected community get back on its feet.

More information

We would love you to get involved with Music Beats Mines, so for any further information please give Ingrid a call on 0161 238 5437 or email

Why we need your help

The money raised from Music Beats Mines will help MAG to save lives and build futures in communities affected by landmines and other explosive weapons all over the world. Please watch this film from Laos to see why we need your help...

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LandminesA landmine is defined by the Mine Ban Treaty as "a munition designed to be placed under, on or near the ground or other surface area and to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person or a vehicle."

Landmines are generally divided into two main groups - anti-personnel and anti-tank - and have four main component parts: an outer structure made of either plastic, wood, metal, Bakelite, rubber or even glass; a fuse or firing mechanism; a detonator; and high explosives.

Some contain thousands of pieces of shrapnel, designed to fire out to great distances, while others have been made with a minimum amount of metal and are therefore difficult to detect using metal detectors.

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