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*27/11/2014: Due to the deteriorating security situation in Libya, MAG has withdrawn operations and temporarily closed the programme*

While the revolution ended in 2011, landmines, unexploded ordnance and leftover or poorly stored ammunition continue to threaten communities.

Children on a tank in Libya

Photo: Sean Sutton/MAG

Extensive stockpiles of weapons and explosives that had been stored in bunkers became unsecured during the conflict, leaving open access to those who wanted it.

Most households now have small arms and light weapons, which, in the face of political uncertainty, they’re reluctant to give up. The result is that children in particular are at risk of accidental injury from unsecured guns in their houses.

There are also wider implications for regional stability, with reports of items being moved across borders into neighbouring countries and sub-Saharan Africa, and falling into the hands of non-state military groups.

Our work here in 2013

deminer icon

Land cleared: 1,918,750m²

UXO icon

Unexploded ordnance removed & destroyed: 108,600

Risk Education icon

Risk Education safety sessions given: 824

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Men, women and children we helped directly: 18,740

I would like to thank MAG for their efforts to give us a safer life... Read more

Photo gallery: Conflict response in Libya

Documenting MAG's work to reduce the threat to civilians from unexploded ordnance.

[All photos: Sean Sutton/MAG, June 2011]

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Libya flag iconAbout Libya

Population: 6.16 million

Life expectancy: 75 years

Gross National Income per capita: US $12,930

People with access to safe drinking water: 54%

People below the poverty line: approx. 33%

Figures: CIA, UNDP, UN Water, World Bank

Success story

"Have you ever dropped a glass on the floor and it did not break?" asks Khadija. "Does that mean that glass will not break the next time you drop it...?"’

Preventing people from losing limbs in Misrata

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