Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our supporters, MAG has been able to directly help more than one million women, men, girls and boys over the last 12 months. As the outgoing and incoming Chief Executives, we are proud that MAG has made 47 million square metres of land safe – an area equivalent to more than 6,500 professional football pitches.

Jane Cocking

Nick Roseveare

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Chief Executive

Chief Executive 2011-2016

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Helen's story

Helen – Moxico province, Angola

“Every day I woke up thinking and worrying that maybe today is the day that someone stands on a landmine and dies. Six people stood on mines here and they all died. We were imprisioned by mines. I have 10 children and so many grandchildren, and they are all alive because of MAG. I praise MAG and the people who support MAG for clearing the death from this area.”

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Humanitarian Mine Action

Removing and destroying unexploded landmines and bombs, making land safe for agriculture and development.

Providing risk education programmes, to help reduce death and injury.

Employing and training local people in mine clearance, so they can rebuild their lives and communities in the aftermath of conflict.

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Arms Management and Destruction

Giving expertise and training to national authorities , preventing ammunition depot explosions and stopping weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

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Emergency response

Responding to emergency and conflict situations where unsafe explosives are a threat to communities, displaced people and other humanitarian workers.

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More than 1,000,000

men, women and children directly benefited from MAG’s work allowing them to live free from fear

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More than 47,000,000

square metres of land was made safe, freeing conflict-affected communities from fear and enabling them to rebuild their lives

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More than 90,000

landmines, improvised mines, booby traps and unexploded bombs were removed and destroyed

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South Sudan
South Sudan

South Sudan

“We are home and we are safe.”

The James family live on a former minefield. Before MAG cleared the landmines in their village, there was nowhere for them to safely rebuild their lives and livelihoods.



Now Sophat’s land is safe, his family’s income will grow from $800 to $20,000 a year.

Landmines stopped Sophat from using his land to its full potential. Married with four children, he struggled to feed his family and cover the costs of daily life.



“MAG has brought life back to our village.”

Children can now learn and play at their primary school after MAG removed and destroyed lethal unexploded bombs.

Total expenditure: £37,582,000

(Overseas programmes includes £568,000 unrestricted sources and MAG investment)

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MAG would like to thank all of our donors for their incredible generosity throughout 2016. Every individual, fundraiser, trust, foundation, business and government supporting MAG is giving men, women and children the change of a better future, free from fear and danger.

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